Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

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Los Angeles is big. Most describe it as sprawling, and this description is so accurate once you’ve spent a few days in Los Angeles. It’s not laid out top to bottom, but rather left to right. It’s almost like a book. A city of chapters and narratives. Right now, there’s not many artists who are writing a story quite like Ozzie Juarez. Juarez, as a painter and curator, and as an incubator, tells the story of LA’s modern history to the rest of the globe, and to himself. It’s LA’s story, and it’s different from any other story told today.

On this episode of Radio Juxtapoz podcastEvan Pricco, editor of Jux, sits down with Ozzie just days after the opening night of one of LA’s most talked-about shows: his solo show. OXI-DIOSYou can find out more about this at Charlie James Gallery. He is still buzzing, but will soon return to his curatorial duties. TRADITIONSYou can also check out our other articles. MuzeoOrange County is the place to be and you can take part in what could be the biggest show of the year. At the Edge of the SunOpening at Jeffrey Deitch GalleryJust in time to Frieze LA Ozzie is in this place. Whether it is in the West LA blue chip galleries, Tlaloc South Central or in his own solo show, Ozzie is the pulse in LA.

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The Radio Juxtapoz show is hosted by FIFTH WALL TV’s Doug Gillen. Evan Pricco, editor of Juxtapoz, also hosts the podcast. Episode 131 was recorded in Los Angeles on January 25, 2024. Follow us on ⁠⁠@radiojuxtapoz⁠⁠

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