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Our guide will help you locate and eliminate the problem. iPhone duplicate photosThis post will show you the easiest way to find and delete duplicate photos on your Mac. You don’t have to manually go through every photo on your Mac in order to find duplicates.

Duplicate Photo FinderThis Mac application is designed to quickly remove duplicate and similar pictures from your Mac. It’s compatible with your photo library, as well as local and external storage devices, meaning it can scan any hard drive connected to your Mac.

Duplicate Photo Finder App Interface

Delete Duplicate Images with Duplicate Pictures Finder

The Duplicate Photos Finder is available on the Mac Store for free. Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, open the app and click on the “Scan Folder” button. Select the folder you wish to scan for duplicate photos and click “Find Duplicates“.

Find Duplicates Button

This process is easy. If you’re scanning your entire computer for duplicates, be prepared to wait a little longer for the completion of the scan

Scanning Process Screen

You may also need to give the app permission to scan specific folders.

Grant Permission Screen

After completing the search, if duplicate photos are detected, you will receive a preview with the duplicates grouped and one of the photos marked with a Trash icon for deletion.

Trash Icon on Duplicate

Conclusion – The App’s Not Perfect

This app is good at finding similar pictures, but it does not identify duplicate photos. Here are some examples of where the app failed to identify true duplications.

App Success Example
App Failure Example
Comparison Success
Comparison Failure
Duplicate Grouping
False Positive Result
Accurate Detection

When using this app, it’s crucial to review the photos identified as duplicates to ensure accuracy before selecting “Trash Marked”To delete the photos and prevent the loss of images that are not duplicates.

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