Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

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Have you experienced digital fatigue recently? If you feel tired all the time, and your eyes are sore by the end the day, you may have a screen-addiction. You’re probably thinking, “That can’t be me. I’m not addicted my phone”. But what about TV? Your laptop? Do you have any handheld gaming consoles or portable computers? Digital billboards on your way to work? In the digital age, screens can’t be avoided. 

As a photographer, you can work with one of the best camera phonesI’m a tech journalist and a casual gamer. I find myself staring at screens for 80% of the day, which is terrible for my digital wellbeing (and headaches). After closing the lid of my laptop at 5:30 I will take a tech-break to cook some food and walk the dog. Then it’s back on the screens for photo editing, gaming or my Nintendo SwitchOr, you can try to relax by watching a film. 

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