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Artificial Intelligence is now a part of our everyday activities. GitHub CopilotUse tools like ChatGPTYou can also find out more about the following: Copy.AIFor enhancing content creation. In the world of photo editingAI is increasingly used to create and edit images.

This post explores the topic of HitPaw Photo AIIt is a desktop application that allows you to create and edit photos without requiring any technical knowledge.

What are AI photo editors?

We are all familiar with traditional foods. Photo editing softwareAI photo editors offer a wide variety of options ranging from free online tools to paid versions. This is a huge leap forward. AI photo editors use artificial intelligence in order to assist with different aspects of photo editing.

Take for example, Photoshop 2024. employs generative AI. This feature allows users fill a blank canvas using verbal instructions or edit or remove images with ease. That’s AI photo editing in action, combining traditional techniques with the power of AI.

How AI Photo Editors work?

AI photo editors work in a variety of ways. They primarily use AI technology to simplify image editing.

Whether it’s enhancing image clarity, upscaling images, removing unwanted backgrounds or objects, or accelerating the editing process, these editors make these tasks easier without requiring extensive technical knowledge from the user.

HitPaw photo AI for Windows & Mac

HitPaw Photo AI, a desktop program that offers easy-to-use AI photo editing tools, is designed for users who want to edit images effectively without diving into the complexities often associated with advanced photo editing software like Photoshop. It’s designed for users who want to edit images effectively without delving into the complexities often associated with advanced photo editing software like Photoshop.

HitPaw Photo AI Interface

Try HitPaw AI

HitPaw Photo AI gives you immediate access to a number of powerful features.

  • Enhance Image QualityThis tool will allow you to enhance facial details, reduce noise and colorize photos. The result is a more vibrant, striking image.
  • Generate AI Art:This feature is similar to Midjourney or DALL-E in that it creates new art based on the prompts entered. AI is used to create unique art.
  • Remove Objects & Erase Background With just a few clicks, the app can remove objects or backgrounds from images, a feature reminiscent of Photoshop’s generative AI capabilities.

How to use HitPaw Photo AI Photo Editing?

Now, let’s dive into the practical side of things and explore how HitPaw Photo AI performs in photo editing tasks.

Drag and drop your desired images into the app.

Enhancing Images

Once your image is in the app, click ‘Preview’ to see a glimpse of the potential outcome. This feature includes several AI models that are designed to improve the accuracy of your photos:

  • Face Model Improves low-quality photos featuring faces.
  • General Model:Available in ‘Fast’You can also find out more about the following: ‘Quality’Options to enhance low-quality photos
  • Denoise Model:Removes noise in images
  • Colorize ModelAdd color to black and White images
  • Color Calibration:Perfect for photos with low saturation or underexposed photos.
  • Scratch RepairRepairs photos that have scratches, such scanned old photos.
  • Low Light ModelEnhance photos taken in low light environments.
Overview of AI Models

Here’s an example of a photo before enhancement:

Photo Before Enhancement

Here is the final product after it has been enhanced:

Photo After Enhancement
AI Image Generation

Moving on to the app’s AI image generation feature. To start, click on “Generate AI Images“.

AI Generator Interface

You can upload an image to be used as a reference by the AI. Then, click “Generate“.

For my test, I entered the prompt “Tokyo city, sunset view” with an ‘Unreal’ art style:

Prompt for AI Image Generation

and here’s the result:

AI Generated Tokyo Sunset
Background Removal

To evaluate the app’s background removal capability, I tested it with two images, one with a simple background and another with a more complex background.

Here’s the one with a simpler background:

Simple Background Image

And here’s the outcome after using HitPaw Photo AI for background removal:

Simple Background Removal Result

Here’s an image with a more complex background:

Complex Background Image

And here’s the result:

Complex Background Removal Result
Object Removal

Comparing to Photoshop’s generative AI, let’s see how HitPaw Photo AI fares in object removal. I uploaded the image and used the brush to highlight the areas for removal.

Highlighting Object for Removal

Here’s the final result after the object removal:

Object Removal Result

It’s quite impressive!


I must admit, I’m pleasantly surprised by how well HitPaw Photo AI performs with its array of features. My only critique is that it’s limited to just four functionalities: enhancing images, generating images with prompts, background removal, and object removal.

Even though these AI capabilities can be found online, and some are even free, having a desktop app that is all-in-one, especially in offline scenarios, has a huge advantage. Now, let’s discuss the cost of the app and weigh its pros and cons from my perspective.

Finally, here’s a breakdown of the app’s pricing and its advantages and disadvantages in my view.

HitPaw Photo AI – Price

The app is free to try out, but if you want to export the final image, then you will need a subscription. The pricing plans include:

  • 1 month – $24.99
  • 1 year – $99.99

You can also buy a life-time license for $159.99.

  • Combines several AI image editing features into a single application.
  • Accurately remove background and objects.
  • Only preview the output in the Trial Version.
  • The app is quite large, weighing in at about 1.5GB. It takes some time for it to be downloaded and installed.

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