Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

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Gustav Klimt’s long-lost painting, “Portrait of Fraulein Lieser” has been rediscovered. This portrait of a wealthy Austrian Jewish woman is valued at $54million. BBC has hailed this discovery as a major addition to art.

A sensational Find

In the heart Vienna, art lovers are buzzing. Gustav Klimt’s “Portrait of Fraulein Leiser” has resurfaced after nearly a hundred years. This extraordinary discovery has not only captured the attention of art lovers, but also sparked a curiosity about its mysterious history.

The Portrait’s Journey

The history of the masterpiece over the last century remains somewhat enigmatic. We know it came into its current owners’ possession in the 1960s. Its reappearance, especially when you consider its artistic and monetary worth, is a wonder.

Gustav Klimt’s long-lost painting, “Portrait of Fraulein Lieser”

Kinsky Auction HouseThe person responsible for the rediscovery of this work has called it a sensation. “To find a work of such rarity, artistic significance, and value is unprecedented in recent decades in the Central European art market,” they stated in a press release.

International Spotlight

The painting is on tour around the world in preparation for its auction in April. The tour includes prestigious locations such as the United Kingdom (UK), Switzerland, Germany and Hong Kong. This international showcase highlights its global significance as well as the excitement generated in the art world.

The Lieser Family Connection

The portrait originally belonged to the Lieser Family, wealthy Jewish industrialists from Vienna. Ernst Ploil, co-managing director of Kinsky Auction House, shared that there’s no evidence of the artwork being stolen or looted before or during World War II.

In their statement, the auction house mentions, “The painting was listed as lost and likely destroyed during World War II. The painting’s reappearance was a complete shock.

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