Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

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Balmain Men’s Fall 2024 is a technicolour wonderland for you, girls. The latest drop is a straight-up homage to the sapeurs—the style soldiers of the Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elégantes. This capsule, which has a legacy that stretches from 1960s Brazzaville to scenes in Harlem and Kinshasa, is a sartorial whirlwind of French chic and audacious African patterns.

Tailoring x Worldly Styles
Think world-class tailoring gets a passport stamp from every corner of the planet—that’s the brand’s new flex. We’re melding impeccable cuts with the boldness of a globe-trotter.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Americano
Forever in tune with the rebel soul of American sound-makers, we’re sampling a century of African-American musical brilliance. Tony Jackson’s sharp-dressed legacy lands with arm garters, while the streets’ wisdom shines through in silver and gold grills. The new Espion shades by Balmain Eyewear. Pure hip-hop luxe.

Prince Gyasi x Balmain
The collab spotlight blazes on Prince Gyasi—our visionary from Accra, cooking up hyper-saturated splendour. Flashback to his Petit-Prince narrative for Fall ’22, and now we’re taking it up a notch. This lineup is a kaleidoscope of Gyasi’s genius, morphing into audacious prints, textile art, and 3D illusions that tease the eye and play with perception.

Ibby Njoya’s Electric Dreams
Sending waves from London is Cameroonian wizard Ibby Njoya, who’s flipped the script on colour-soaked settings for Balmain’s Fall ’23 saga. For the next act, he’s pouring vibrant concoctions into our closet, fusing electrifying patterns with Fall 2024’s gear.

Get ready for a season full of eye-popping colours and cross-continental style. It’s art; it’s music; it’s a celebration of cultures crashing into each other with style. Balmain Men Fall 2024 isn’t just a collection; it’s a global street parade wrapped in luxe.

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