Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

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Angela Staehling is the author of this article.

Nothing brings me more joy as an artist than seeing my artwork transformed into beautiful products sold by retailers around the world. This year I had the amazing opportunity to partner with a stationary company that was able take my artwork to create beautiful products. SevenCalendars that are sold exclusively in Barnes & NobleYou can also find out more about the following: Paper Source stores.

Even after 24 years in art licensing, it was a great opportunity!

Over those 24 years, I’ve worked with numerous creative directors and product development teams to create collections across dinnerware, wallpaper, apparel, bedding, wall art, books, and calendars, in stores like Anthropologie, Target, Barnes & Noble, Macy’s, Smithsonian Store, Urban Outfitters, and West Elm to name a few.

I use liquid acrylic paints to create most of my artwork. Strathmore Mixed Media Paper. Strathmore Paper was my go-to for The Year of the Dog because I trust the quality of the paper and I know it’ll hold up for all the layers of washes that I use. I mostly use the 400 Series Mixed Media Pads when I’m working from my home studio.

However, when I travel, I love to take Strathmore’s 500 Series Hardbound Mixed Media Art JournalsWith me. The hardcover protects my art from damage while traveling, plus the paper holds up to any medium I choose to use on the road – paint markers, watercolors, and gouache.

National Parks Collection has been one of my best-selling 2024 calendars. This series has been turned into a wall-calendar, but also a mini-postcard calendar by my stationery licensee. Each month includes a postcard of a National Park, which you can either send to a loved one or frame once the month is over.

I painted this collection originally as part a 365 Sketchbook Challenge, which I just set up for myself to keep painting each day. The goal was a daily painting based on a theme.

As a professor, I tell my students that the hardwork they put into one collection can pay off many different ways. This was an excellent example. All the licensing came later for the National Park images, but when it did, it skyrocketed across multiple product categories – pillows, throw blankets, puzzles, coffee mugs, ornaments, magnets, and much more!

I’m also hitting 2024 with a bang by launching my art licensing master course called License & Launch! I’m thrilled to finally be able to share the exact step-by-step system that’s been the key to my own success over the years.

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If anyone is interested in learning how to get started in art licensing (or how to level up their current business) I provide a full step-by-step blueprint on how to develop a brand style, exactly what art licensing agents and licensees are looking for, how to create a fully formed portfolio that you’ll be proud to pitch, and how to form your own personalized strategy to go forth with confidence. Along with much more! Hop on my Email lisVisit our website for more information on art licensing.

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