Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

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It’s January, and what better time to revisit our typography and freshen up our designs for 2024.

15 Best New Fonts, January 2024.

In this month’s roundup of the best new fonts, we find a large number of vintage, retro, and revival typefaces. Is it that 2024 will be a heavily retro year, or were these designs simply created at the tail-end of 2023, and we’ll have to wait for February and March for 2024’s trends to emerge? Only time can tell.

Enjoy! Enjoy!

BD Orange

BD OrangeThis grotesque font has a vintage, sci-fi vibe. It comes in a variety of weights, from Thin to Loud Black. There are also ligatures and alternative options. It’s an excellent choice for a logotype when you’re looking for something retro but clean and clear.

Protest Grotesk

Protest GroteskThis is another retro-feeling typeface that draws inspiration from the constructed letterforms of the early 20th century. It is available in a variety of weights, from Thin to Black. It’s an excellent option for a corporate typeface.


HypercubeThis is another retro sans-serif font, this time not grotesque, but influenced by the 90s and 2000s office aesthetics. It looks better on screen, but still evokes the early days of web and the turn of millennium.


BaramIt is a typeface that uses waves to create a sense motion and impermanence. It would have been a great gift to the glitch aesthetic just a few short years ago. It would be a great place to start when designing a logo which needs to evoke speed.

SFT Schrifted Serif

SFT Schrifted SerifIt is a beautiful serif with graceful curves, and fine details. Inspired by the Stockholm districts of Gamla Stan and Södermalm, it comes in three optical sizes, Text for body text, Display for headings, and Subhead for smaller headlines. It’s not yet finished, but you can download the beta version.


PalacioIt is a clean, simple brush script that can replace lettering to give a warm, personalized feel. It includes a variety of alternate characters and optional latices so you can customize the shapes according to your content. It’s a good choice for a more relaxed logotype.

Afronaut Pro

Afronaut Pro was inspired by a blend of Latin and Arabic typography and Zambia’s all-but-forgotten space program. It blends geometric sans with flowing calligraphic forms. There are six weights, from Ultra Light to Bold, and there’s a variable font available.


ChampionIt is a modern revival on the slab serifs seen on sports jerseys. The angular shapes are simple, bold, and almost (but not quite) monospaced — the utilitarian aesthetic works well for editorial design. There are four versions: Champion, Champion Condensed (also known as Champion Sans), Champion Sans Condensed (also known as Champion Sans), and Champion Sans Condensed.


GiliantThere is a new option available for Art Nouveau lovers. It’s a graceful display serif with a high contrast and fine details. There’s only one weight available, but it works well for editorial or brand design projects that evoke luxury and desirability.


OctaveThis serif typeface revives French Old Style designs. It has some rare musical emojis. This makes it ideal for text that describes the music. Its open counters and regular rhythm make it highly legible, and it’s a good upgrade for anyone looking to refresh documents currently using Times.

Art Company Mono

Art Company MonoThis monospaced serif is extremely elegant. It was originally intended for display, but its readability is excellent at small sizes. This, along with the monospaced, makes it ideal for tabular data. There are four different weights ranging from Thin to Bold and their italics.

Super Ground

Super GroundIt is a display font that uses lowercase to extend the width. You can easily create text of variable width and rhythm. It’s ideal for threading through dynamic images and is crying out to be used in editorial design.


RosselaThis elegant serif has classical proportions. It’s ideally suited to display text and features several ligatures that create points of interest — the RO and KO ligatures are particularly pleasing. It’s both modern and formal. There’s a single weight and an italic.

Sittl Pro

Sittl ProIt is a geometric sans serif with rounded corner. It has a subtle retro look and is perfect for logo design or signage. There are four different weights from Regular to Black with accompanying italics.

Teenage Tropics

Teenage TropicsThis display face is a self-aware 1960s-inspired display that combines retro styling with a tropic vibe. It ripples like sunlight on the water and is exactly what we needed to add some warmth in January.

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